When our entire country is suffering.

A brief reflection on injustice following the mass shootings in Ohio and Texas over the weekend (8/2-8/4):

It’s often easy to forget the broken state of our world today. When suffering and painful situations arise we often either 1) look the other way or 2) try to put a positive spin on it.

But weekends like the one we just had in the USA make it impossible to turn away. How on Earth can we convince ourselves our world is OK when completely insane acts of violence are such a reality? We can’t.

I cannot say any of my own personal suffering even compares to a direct experience with something as terrible as a mass shooting. Not even close. But, I can say having a burden that is chronic has made me very familiar with the feeling that life isn’t as it should be. These situations that are deeply painful & so, so unfair just shouldn’t be a thing.

So what do we do when we can’t look away? We wade into the pain, and we make a choice: Am I going to give into defeat and live in the contagious spirit of negativity? Or am I’m going to choose to believe that grace is real and allow myself to be a source of goodness in this war on sin & death? I can’t always control my suffering, but I can control on which side of the battle I choose to stand.

Alas, this weekend has my sensitive heart feeling two things today: 1) utter heartbreak, and 2) more determination than ever to sow goodness.

I pray that all those currently experiencing the deep pain of loss & injustice receive ample space to allow their hearts to be broken and receive the love they need. #choosinggrit #sufferingisreal #redemptionisreal #prayforelpaso #prayfordayton

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