Anna: Leaving the Convent.

Roommate podcasting has begun! Because what else can you do on your 79000th week of a global pandemic? (Aka the 10th week of being ordered to stay home). My two roommates, Anna Romportl, Mary Woytych, and I had a good discussion about two decisions in Anna’s life that both took grit: 1) joining a convent, and 2)…leaving 9 months later.

How many of us have chosen something with such certainty, only to find out it was completely not right? Four years later, Anna Is just beginning to reach the point of talking about her very unique experience of this in the convent & what she once interpreted as a complete & total failure. But maybe it wasn’t? Listen to learn more. 😉

Google link below, available anywhere you listen to things!

Anna (far left) is today’s featured podcast guest. ✨

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