a whole year of interviews on suffering.

ONE WHOLE YEAR of podcasting is in the books! This thing has been such a lifesaver to me in the midst of a lot of changing circumstances, and as anticipated, I am loving the conversations I now have an excuse to have because of it. 😉 However, what I’ve found to be the greatest gift while doing these interviews is the pattern of similarities I recognized while chatting about a huge range of gritty situations. Not necessarily within the situations themselves, but among the “side effects” suffering has a way of bringing to the surface…as it almost always poses a threat to our security.

So basically, I now have 15 interviews’ worth of evidence to the fact that human beings need to know they’re loved. and known. in the midst of every circumstance. That there’s someone right there with us who knows the pain we are experiencing, and won’t abandon us. And maybe that’s the the gift we really need?

While reflecting on this in my latest minisode during this week of Christmas, I can’t help but talk about Jesus. (links below)

Praying this holiday brings your messy heart exactly what it needs this year.



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