Amanda: An Unromantic Missionary Experience.

PHEW. It’s been a while, huh? So grateful for a summer off and start getting back into some of my favorite hobbies aka, I Choose Grit!

Pumped to introduce you all to my roomie, Amanda Fahrendorf (middle below), in the latest podcast episode! And a & I had a convo almost a YEAR ago now (last fall) about a summer Amanda spent on mission in Honduras after undergrad, that turned into 3 months that called for a. Lot. Of. Grit. Between “teaching” kindergarten / operating in a whole new language 24/7 with kids who had never experienced the classroom life, to dealing with constant killer heat, to sleeping with spiders, Amanda was stretched to the max through this experience in ways that challenged her usual modes of gaining accomplishment.

Loved getting space to process what this meant for her and witness the courage, resolve, & strength of character in her heart (aka the definition of grit…but you should know this by now, right?!?). And also, she’s just fun. 🥰

Links below/listen anywhere under I Choose Grit! 🎙


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