Girl With Chronic Illness Goes Camping.

This weekend, I went camping–a really, really great example of diving into an activity that, on paper, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for a gal with health issues. The whole thing, as most traveling is for me, was a big question mark. Can I do this? Am I going to make it both nights? Will I have any energy to actually socialize (the real reason I was going)?

However, the risk felt worth it….and it totally was. Here’s how I did it:

I stepped away for cat naps. I utilized the lake lake lake as much as possible and took an ice cold shower. I brought food I knew that I could eat (& have gracious friends who considered my needs–a necessity for trips like these. I took more medication than I generally like to take in a span of 3 days, but took less leading up & also planned some recovery.

I suffered big time after getting home yesterday, with one of those killer, all consuming migraines that I completely knew was coming.

And yet…sometime’s nature’s worth it. Sometimes choosing to wholeheartedly participate in a makeshift obstacle course with your friends is worth it (😂). Sometimes sneaking away to a country bar to cheer on the absolute, best basketball team on earth (ahem, @bucks) is worth it. Sometimes testing your limits & taking a break from thinking about consequences is actually what you really, really need.

Life with chronic illness can feel like a constant weighing of the costs of what my heart wants to do vs. what my body needs. Last weekend, I chose my heart. And yes, it took a few days for me to recover. But my heart felt so full of grace as I recovered.

Grateful be in a season where this level of activity doesn’t land me in the hospital, a summer off work that allows room to do things I’d never try while working, and people I just like being with, that make it so much easier to choose grit. ☀️


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