Intentional Community: While Suffering.

Have a fab conversation on intentional community-married style almost ready to share, BUT first: wanted to dedicate some time to a topic I thought deserved it’s own episode, that is: practicing community—while suffering (link in bio!).

I’ll say right now, this is not an episode that includes a lot of how. It doesn’t really have a selling point, or any simple formula on practicing this topic perfectly. It’s just Me. Sharing a few stories on my own experiences of pursuing friendship and living in community, during some of my most severe experiences of suffering. I hope you learn something, but if not, I hope you, maybe, feel a little less alone.

Thinking especially about those in heavy places while entering the holidays (especially you, #waukesha). Something I do say in this ep is that, usually, while not in a good place, showing up to others, authentically? Does not feel natural. But another thing you’ll hear me say, is that I’ve found it to be so, so necessary. And also, sometimes in the weirdest ways—healing.

Happy Thanksgiving, all. ☀️🍁

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