Minisode: little victories.

I’ve noticed some *slight* changes in my functioning lately that felt worth documenting–hence, my latest minisode! (links below)

Preview of the latest grit in my life:

1) making it to 50% of my soccer team’s games in the indoor season, & getting feedback on “looking strong out there” (wut) from a former coach who doesn’t know my story.
2) bballin’ at open gym with friends🏀
3) choosing to batch cook veggies & soup soup soup to give my body what it needs these days
4) taking a wknd trip to have my world completely rocked by @nyencounter (despite a killer migraine the first night there/upon return).
4) trudging through pride + prejudice the minute my brain is up for reading😍
5) starting a group chat with three other chronic-migraine friends fighting for their best life & celebrating little victories together. (shoutout to gritty girls @frankiesfeelings_ @lindsey_crochets @leed.the.way !)


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