Top 10 Survival Techniques.

1) Regular. Sleep.

Enough said.

2) Paying attention to how food impacts how I feel.

Eliminating my trigger foods is what allows me to function.

3) Preventative medication (my least favorite).

Preventative migraine prescriptions are a must for me.

4) Exercise.

This currently looks like holding yoga poses, walks, or (recently) BALLET! Although it has been a beast to find what works for me, doing each of these regularly helps me sleep and maintain muscle.

5) Crying. Frequently.  🙂 .

I typically have a full out break down least once a month, either with my mom or a roommate/sister/friend. Authenticity with those closest to me gives me strength.


2-3 social activities a week (regardless of how I’m feeling) lifts my spirits and makes me feel like a normal human being.

7) Prayer.

Connecting with the Lord is how I maintain hope and a strong desire for living. I’m nothing without this.

8) Coconut Oil.

Helpful for my sensitive, dry skin (and eyes!), and makes every vegetable or meat or fish taste better that I don’t typically enjoy eating.

9) Podcasts.

The right ones are often a strong dose of encouragement and connection for me.

10) Service.

Doing work I love as a social worker every day has been huge for me. It takes the focus off myself and provides me with a passion stronger than the pain I’m experiencing. PTL.