What’s it like to work with Carrie?

“ Carrie has liberated me to begin to look at my life through a lens of possibility. Beyond my perceived limitations lies my life waiting for me to lead the way. Carrie has encouraged me to grab onto my one glorious life with grace, grit, gratitude, and hope for all there is yet to be.”

– Kendal Lee, Support Group Member 

“Carrie truly creates safe spaces for those suffering with chronic pain. Often the weight of chronic health conditions affects our physical body but also our mental state. Carrie’s compassionate and gentle approach has made me feel seen and heard. She will truly walk alongside you in your pain, whether physical, mental or both.”

– Frankie Cerquetti , Support Group Member

“Before meeting Carrie, I was hyper focused on fixing my pain. I didn’t know a full life was possible with my pain still being present. Carrie’s conviction to pursue beauty within the messiness of life open my eyes to what is possible even and restored my faith in the possibility of joy in every circumstance.”

Lindsey Peppers, Support Group Member

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com