A Global Pandemic & Podcast Season TWO.

Despite our lives being completely. INSANE, Summer 2020 was an oddly sacred time to me in the midst of all the chaos. One of the greatest blessings? Prepping & recording a whole slew of podcast episodes to share with every one of you this fall. Whether it be homelessness or hating your job or depression or anxiety or debilitating chronic illness, this season is full of what it actually looks like to choose grit in the midst of life’s challenges, and I think these voices are exactly what we need right now.

Tune in to today’s episode to hear some of the weird familiarities I’ve felt this year as someone with a chronic illness….AND, hear a glimpse of all the hearts you’ll get to hear this season as this season’s guests share what getting THEM through 2020. Because we really need each other right now, amiright?

Cannot wait to for you to hear these stories! Thanks for being here. Apple & Spotify link below, available anywhere!


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