It’s a Process.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the stark similarities between experience a chronic illness & experiencing a global pandemic these days, and there’s one thing about how this year is playing out that I really, really, just don’t understand.

I’ve had a chronic illness for over 8 years, & to this day, am still learning what is & isn’t helpful to me. Medications that helped in the past are no longer effective, food I used to tolerate now worsens my pain, supplements I wrote off as unhelpful may actually do something for me & I am constantly, constantly re-calibrating.

Obviously something incredibly unique to a global pandemic is the fact that the whole. entire. COUNTRY is going through it. This isn’t one of those experiences that no one understands, because literally everyone is experiencing it. This is tragic. But also….a benefit in the sense that we have space to learn from one another.

However, based on what is highlighted in the media, our country (the US) is not taking advantage of this fact. Instead of suffering together, we are condemning. Instead of sharing helpful information as much as possible and keeping one another informed, we are expending all our energy on proving one another wrong.

WE DON’T KNOW WHAT WE’RE DOING, PEOPLE. It’s a process. So maybe we should show some grace.

Making sound decisions while suffering is hard. Making sound decisions when suffering while being at risk of major condemnation, is also hard. 

But, thanks be to God, we do learn. I DO know more about my body now than I did 8 years ago or even 6 months ago. And you know? Regardless of how much we know, we can always chose to love….and in doing so, be made more free, more grateful, more gracious, and more sensitive to another’s suffering on the other side.

The problem comes when we discover something’s harmful & choose to do it anyways. OR, we deny the struggle completely. THAT will eventually kill your soul.

I hope all are able to find news sources and information you can trust in order to made truly healthy and considerate decisions these days. My favorite source? SmartHer News. 🙂

Praying for perseverance & hope & way more solidarity for all of us in the midst of this entire process.

XO. -C.

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