real life chronic illness: why I said yes to a JOB…and some grief.

It’s not often that you confidently say yes to a (part-time) job when you have a chronic illness, but this week (after much time & discernment…& 8 months off work) I did just that, & I couldn’t be more thrilled. Sharing why that is in my latest minisode, along with a little grief..

Unfortunately, the same day I accepted this new position, my family learned we had to (unexpectedly) say goodbye to our dog, Charlie, of 12 years. Feeling struck by the loss of this pup (who could sense a killer migraine better than most people) while also being struck with gratitude over the gift of this job has me so in awe with the human capacity to simultaneously experience such contrasting emotions. I often tend to think that isn’t possible, but I sure am glad that’s not the case. Links below. 🙂




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