Intentional Community: The Ladies.

The latest podcast is on something I never set out to become quite SO passionate about, but I’m pretty ok with it….that is: intentional community.

A few good ladies and I (Sam Vosters, Amanda Fahrendorf, & Sophie Collins), sat down to chat about this topic, which for the four of us, has partially looked like living in households of women for the past 3.. 5…or um, 10 years (if you’re Sam). Whether it be through required weekly dinners, prayer, and service, or simply a group of ladies with similar hearts that really like hanging out– we decided that, at the heart of it, the whole concept is really a lot like family. And it takes grit.

I could now write a 3 page blog post expounding on this concept, but thankfully, this episode pretty much covers it. 😉 Links below!

Sophie + Amanda + Me + Samantha



also on Google!

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