Joy + Rashad: Mother’s Intuition

This week’s podcast episode features my friends, Joy and Rashad Baas. I met Joy right before Covid hit, so did not spend a ton of time with her, but from the few times I met her, I knew she had a story to share. When I reached out to her about being a podcast guest, she immediately got back to me and ALSO asked if her son could join us.

When the three of us finally sat down for this recording, I learned that this family is currently coming out of a rough and scary season. After a move, job loss, and an experience of theft, Rashad found himself slipping into a dark depression, that eventually left him feeling out of touch with reality and unable to recognize his own family.

After some initial uncertainty about what was going on with him, Joy eventually faced the seriousness of the situation, and decided to step in…which ultimately became a gamechanger in Rashad’s path to recovery.

Clearly this all called for a lot of grit from each of these humans, and I’m so glad you get to hear it for yourselves. Listen anywhere/Spotify/Google links below. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Joy + Rashad: Mother’s Intuition

  1. Thank you for this. As the parent of an autistic young adult, I loved hearing about the trust between mother and son regarding medical issues once your child becomes an adult.


    1. Of course—thanks for tuning in! I thought it took so much humility on Rashad’s part to allow that (and for what it’s worth, I’m almost 30 and still just had my mom come to an appointment with me😉).


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