Minisode: a real life chronic illness update: work + exercise

5 months in to my job being regaining strength, I am now just beginning to wade into the world of cardio exercise. So far: the naturally athletic part of me is absolutely LOVING the extra space I have to experiment with this, and at the same time, part of me is ready to stop. Even since publishing this episode, the connection between increased activity + an increase in pain is very clear, as I’ve had more of those severe pain levels by the end of the day the past 2.5 weeks than I’ve had in months. However, I also know there are studies after studies that show cardiac exercise eventually becoming more tolerable for those with chronic migraine, and at a certain point, even has the potential to reverse symptoms of POTS/tachycardia entirely. So for now….I’ll press on.

A slightly more detailed update provided via my latest minisode (links below) well as some thoughts I have on work & offering a heads up on a way to support me in this project (if you so feel called) that makes me incredibly uncomfortable. Thanks for being here!




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